About Us - Girisim Foreign Trade Co.

Girisim Foreign Trade Co. fulfills its duties with the experience gained from past and the strength from a close-knit team that has become like a family.

With our Weldo Superon distributorship, we have reached a wide sales network in domestic and international markets.

We are among the leading companies in the sale of hardware products with our authorized dealerships of Bosch Power Tools, 3M, Askaynak, Askaynak Gas Equipment By Harris, Lincoln Electric, Karbosan Abrasive Stones, Kobatek, Yıldız Gas Fixtures and Egebant.

While expanding our product range day by day, we continue to increase our service quality by providing "Best Price - Quality - Delivery Optimization" to our customers and business partners.

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As Girisim Foreign Trade Co. we are committed to comply with the following principles at all stages of our work, while performing our work at the highest quality level.


We accept

  • To meet customer demands on time and as desired, to prepare the necessary basement to ensure the implementation of the quality management system and the participation of employees in the system,
  • To follow and comply with legal regulations,
  • To implement an effective and efficient quality system in accordance with the legal requirements of the country in which we operate, while trying to achieve our strategic goals,
  • To use the necessary resources to add innovations to the company structure by constantly monitoring the technology in order to continuously improve the system,
  • To continuously improve the systems in order to be in an innovative and competitive line by setting measurable targets at every stage of the processes.

as our company policy.


In accordance with all legal obligations, we adopt to work with excellence beyond the standards on the basis of "Volunteerism".


We aim to increase the effectiveness of our systems by creating a respectful and innovative human resource that is sensitive to customer expectations through planned and tailored training.


We continue to comply with the requirements of the management systems we implement and to continuously improve the performance / effectiveness of the systems with the contributions of the senior management and the participation of all employees.